Geogrid SD

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Geogrid SD

The road grid (Geogrid) is a flat polymeric material for reinforcement of soil, road construction, underpinning, and reinforcement of the building's structure under high loadings or on weak soil. The geogrid for roads represents a mesh structure with rectangular cells of the identical size and form with rigid connection of knots. The two-axis Geogrid SD is made of polypropylene by an extrusion method – it means that the integral initial leaf is evenly perforated, and then stretched in two directions with equal effort until the formation of square shape cells. This material mechanically stabilizes granular fillers and reinforces untied layers of the road surfacing.


  • Geogrid is rather strong and durable material;
  • Long life cycle;
  • Light weighted;
  • The size of cells can be adapted in accordance with the material of the bearing layer;
  • Endures low temperature without losing quality;
  • No decay;
  • Low extension under maximum load;
  • Completely ecologically safe;
  • Chemically inert, therefore suitable for use in alkaline environments.


  • Reinforcing the layers of foundation of the roadway surfacing when laying between the sandy and bearing layers of the subgrade;
  • Organization of the construction works on soft ground, embankment construction on the weak bases (swamps, permafrost, hydromorphic soils, etc.);
  • Construction and repair of platforms that are supposed to be operated under high static and dynamic loads;
  • Reinforcements of disposal sites;
  • Construction of temporary roads and passages to the site for heavy machinery.


  • The geogrid is used in layers of road surfaces. It promotes reduction of the following defects of the roadbed: emergence of returnable fissures, track formation, shift and «flows» of layers of the road base, non-uniformity of foundation subsidence on heterogeneous soil of the spreading layer.
  • Application of geogrid increases reserve maintenance periods, increases durability of the structure and its bearing capacity. The geogrid provides reduction of the impact from the heavy machinery.
  • Laying of a geogrid allows reducing thickness of the bearing layer of foundation of the road without any loss in durability that allows to save up to 50% on inert materials and to reduce the volume of earthwork.

Laying of Geogrid SD should be made between layers of multi-fractional materials (on a layer of a sandy or ground layer and under a layer of large fractional material). The size of cells of Geogrid SD is selected in accordance with the average size of the fraction stacked on it in order to provide an effect of particles blocking and promote performance of the material functions (formation of the composite reinforcing layer).