Construction of the foundation and roofing

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Construction of the foundation and roofing

Nonwoven geotextile Geokom™ is used in construction of buildings and structures on the soil from sedimentary rocks or containing a large number of organic components. Geotextiles under the foundation increases the bearing capacity of the base. The use of geotextile solves the problem of soft soils and base reinforcement. Geotextile protects the foundation from leakage of underground waters, premature destruction. Geotextile also improves the quality of concrete foundation. It prevents leakage of liquid components of a cement grout in the ground and keeps the initial set of characteristics of the concrete.

For several types of roofing systems it is necessary to use geosynthetic materials to prevent the destruction of the roof. Today, waterproofing membrane is considered to be one of the simplest, affordable and effective material. It is an excellent waterproofing agent. However, membrane alone is sensitive to mechanical damage, but in combination with geotextile for roofing, membrane has longer lifecycle.  Another common use of nonwoven geotextile for construction of an industrial roof consists in separation of a PVC membrane from polystyrene foam and mineral wool. Thus, nonwoven geotextile Geokom™ protects waterproofing materials, increasing the overall life of the building.