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Road construction

Nowadays, nonwoven geotextile is an essential material in road construction industry. Nonwoven geotextile Geokom™ is used for the construction of railroads, auto-roads, traffic interchanges, tunnels and bridges. The use of this material is a practical solution for road design. One of the main functions of nonwoven geotextile Geokom™ is separation of different layers of the road bed, which increases the road durability.

Geokom™ is resistant to mechanical damage in aggressive environment and contains a wide range of positive qualities. It does not rot, has a long service life and is environmentally friendly. The use of geotextile in road construction allows not only to obtain high quality pavement, but also to save money on bulk materials (crushed stone).

In order to understand why roads deteriorate over time, it is necessary to be aware of composition of the roadbed. The first layer is a soil foundation, then sand, crushed stone and finally the asphalt coating itself. It is important to separate different layers of roadbed with geosynthetic materials. Otherwise, under traffic loads crushed stone pushes sand and goes into the lower layers. Moreover, sand mixes with crushed stone and soil, creating voids and deforming the road. As a result, the first ruts and potholes appear and it leads to the deterioration of asphalt. All these negative processes can be avoided due to the use of Geokom™ in road construction.

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